Dishwashers, refrigerators, trimmers, large screen TVs becoming preferred appliances   2020/5/11 10:06:38   Source:产业在线ChinaIOL  

Big screen TV sets, large volume refrigerators, home theatres and dishwashers are now gaining traction, thanks to COVID-19 induced lockdown, according to home appliances and consumer electronics manufacturers.

Many companies, including Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, WhirlpoolNSE -2.18 % of India and BSH Home appliances, in the country are getting enquiries from people confined in their homes about such products.

The manufacturers also expect increase in sales of vacuum cleaners and grooming products like electric shavers and trimmers as salons are closed and people may tend to avoid such places even post lockdown.

"Indians are gradually adapting to the new lifestyle. Restricted within the confines of their homes, people are making the best use of their electronic companions (appliances) to support themselves in their daily chores. Therefore, appliances catering to cooking, self-grooming and cleaning will be in huge demand," Panasonic India & South Asia President & CEO Manish Sharma told .

According to Sony India Managing Director Sunil Nayyar, during the Lockdown, TV viewing has almost doubled and suddenly people are realising to upgrade their TV viewing experience along with a better sound system.

Also as movie halls would be closed for another six to eight months, consumption of OTT contents is expected to rise on large screen TV sets along with home-theatre systems and people would certainly need good equipment.