Cloth Dryer Market Increases Greatly, or Become a Blue Ocean of Washing Machine Segment Market   2020/8/10 9:12:27   Source:产业在线ChinaIOL  

As a subdivision category of washing machine industry, the market share of dryer in China is still single digit due to the late start of Chinese market. But in this wave of consumption upgrading, the value of professional dryer is recognized and trusted by more Chinese families.

According to the latest big data of e-commerce, the intelligent clothes hanger, dehumidifier and dryer increased by 110%, 34% and 142% respectively year-on-year, and the market performance of dryer was particularly bright. From the perspective of the whole white goods market, under the influence of the pandemic in the first half of the year, the dryer with the function of sterilization and mite removal has become one of the few categories to maintain growth and become a beautiful landscape in the home appliance market.