ChinaIOL- Two Great Events occurs on China HVAC Industry in Golden September   2017/10/11 10:03:14   Source:产业在线ChinaIOL  

On September 19th, with golden Autumn coming on, China HVAC industry ushered in two great events- 2017 China HVAC Industry Annual Conference& opening ceremony of 2017 China Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Industry White Paper at Hilton Hotel, Beijing. Over 300 people including related government institutions, colleges and universities, upstream and downstream enterprises attended the conference and over 30 media witnessed the great event. 


Taking cooling& heating intelligent• new explore as topic, this annual conference is guided by China Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Association(CRAA) and China Energy Conservation Association(CECA), hosted by ChinaIOL and Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, associated by Haier Air Source Water Heater and supported by Danfoss, Emerson, LG, Phnix, Golden Dragon, Juhua, Sinochem, Ayla Networks, Aux, Changhong, Midea Heating, Hisense Hitachi etc.


At beginning of conference, Zhongkui, Song, secretary general of CECA and Chaohui, Zhang, secretary general of CECA gave an opening speech.



“Green development is social mainstream at present. We mainly discuss how to take advantage of energy conversation technology and product to solve environment problem. Central government had introduced a series of incentive policy such as coal-to-electricity at North regions. Under coal-to-electricity policy, sales of air-source heat pump industry grow up 61% year-on-year in 2017H1. In the future, the use of heat pump technology for clean heating has been a trend, and CECA will continue to do relevant services for our enterprises and government” Zhongkui, Song said.



“Since the 13th five-year, the Party Central Committee has proposed to carry out structural reforms in the supply side and to speed up the strategic deployment for building a powerful country.

Under this background, the developmental direction of China's enterprises is very clear. However, we still need facing many problems and difficulties in the process of development, which requires our colleagues in the industry to think and study seriously. We with these questions communicate and discuss in-depth together. We also look forward to find a new direction through such communication and to provide a new force to the development.


At beginning of conference, leaders of government and experts of research institution made an interpretation of the current industrial environment and the development of the industry from different perspectives.



Zhifeng, Zhong, deputy director of Foreign Economic Cooperation Office, Ministry of Environmental Protection of China “we had got a green light at capital scale during 13th five-year period. We hope market promotion can break through current condition. Confidence is core point. Otherwise, enterprises should concern about the environmental protection. In all, air conditioner refrigerant industry can have a place at China industry chain he said.


Xiuping, Zhang, chief engineer of Hefei General Machinery Research Institute, “Recently, the CPC Central Committee and State Council issued guidelines on carrying out quality improvement actions, this is the first programmatic document of our country about quality work, which marking China will enter the era of quality. we need to improve the quality of standards and products. For example, multi heating source air conditioning heat pump and etc. seven standards have been listed in next year's revised plan” she said.


Yaochen, Zhou, chief of, “the biggest consumer stimulus is PPP in this year. The national demonstration project landing rate has reached 70%, completely offset the real estate recession. Therefore, we believe that this piece of building materials demand, but also support the large demand for the entire steel.


Shuai, Tang, chief inspector of air conditioner procurement department of JD, “in 2017H1, online growth rate of central air conditioning increases over 300%. Sales of VRF products also outburst in this period. In the future, central air conditioning will have a high-speed growth on line” he said.



Jinjian, Yu, GM of Haier air source commercial heat pump, “As a member of Haier water heater industry, Haier's air source responds actively to the global layout of the Haier group and is positioned as an international high-end water heater expert. From the United States GE R & D center, to Europe, Japan and other ten global R & D centers, Haier air source achieves integration of global first-class resources and concentrate on creating the most energy-efficient products.



Jie, Yang, Chairmen& GM of ChinaIOL, “On the one hand, air conditioning industry is facing the raising price of raw materials. On the other hand, air conditioning industry also ushered in a new round of expansion cycle. They can maintain a balance between supply and demand. In fact, current status is good for the healthy development of the overall industry. We hold on optimistic attitude towards the HVAC industry in the long-term development but we also can’t rule out the possibility of short-term fluctuations. There will be different opportunities and challenges between different products in the future. We think RAC and CAC and air source heat pump will still grow up rapidly.



Blockbuster: 2017 China Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Development White Paper official launch


In the last part of conference, the launching ceremony of the "2017 white paper on China's refrigeration and air conditioning industry development" was held ceremoniously.


Chaohui, Zhang pointed out 2017 White Paper will be based on industrial annual operating data. 2017 White Paper will objectively analyze general situation of development of China refrigeration and air conditioning industry from policy, technology, standards and operating status and analyze development initiatives under the new situation of refrigeration and air conditioning industry so that 2017 White Paper provides a positive guide and promotion for the whole industry.


Jiang, Shen, associate of Tianjin University of Commerce made an excellent remark to significance of White Paper: In April, CRAA and ChinaIOL jointly launched the first 2016 White Paper on China’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Development. The White Paper fully reflected developmental need of the industry. It was a professional report on analyzing development of China refrigeration and air conditioning industry in-depth.


Later on, in the witness of all the guests, secretary general of CRAA Zhaohui, Zhang, chairman &GM of ChinaIOL Jie, Yang, associate of Tianjin University of Commerce professor Shen Jiang, Chairman of Hanbell Yixuan, Yu, Vice president of Emerson Guangwen, Yin, vice president of Vice GM of Dalian Bingshan Zhongyuan, Wang, GM of market department of McQuay Chuanyou, Zhang open curtain for 2017 White Paper on China’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Development together.






Dialogue: two forums focus on hot spots


Afternoon, heating forum and cooling forum was going on at same time. Leaders of government, experts and representatives of enterprises from air source heat pump and air conditioning area gave an excellent share and discussion. After speech, heating and cooling forums usher in two peak dialogue.


Heating forum took Opportunity and challenge of heat pump in HVAC industry as topic. Vice secretory general of China Energy Conservation Association(CECA) conducted this meeting, surrounding heating policy, chance, challenge, forecast and so on high spots to discuss.



Cooling forum took Opportunities and challenges of HVAC industry in the new economic cycle as topic. Mingsheng, Zhang, secretary general of China Standardization Committee on refrigeration and Air Conditioning Equipment conducted this meeting, surrounding high prosperity and continuity, industry standards, residential central air conditioning market and so on high spots to discuss.