Quarterly Research Report on China Drum Washing Machine and Montor Supply

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Reports directory:

I Introduction
1.1 Report Introduction
1.2 comprehensive Overview
1.3 Industry News
1.4 Upstream Information
II Drum Washing Machine Industry Operation
2.1 Sum-up Volume
2.2 Growth Characteristic
2.3 Seasonal characteristic
2.4 Ratios of Exports and Domestic Sale
III Enterprise Competition
3.1 Enterprise Pattern
3.1.1 Enterprise Market Share
3.1.2 Sale Y-Y Gorwth Rate
3.2 Enterprise Domestic Sale and Export
3.2.1 Distribution of Domestic Sale
3.2.2 Comparison of domestic Sale Market Share
3.2.3 Comparison of Export Market Share
3.2.4 Comparison on Y-Y Growth Rate of Domestic Sale
3.2.5 Comparison on Y-Y Growth Rate of Exports
IV Characteristic of Product
4.1 Ration of Production Structure
4.1.1 Current Quarter
4.1.2 Accumulation in FY
4.2 Monthly Trend of Product Structure
4.3 Ratio of Enterprise Product Structure(Sale)
4.3.1 Sale(Current Quarter)
4.3.2 Sale(Accumulation in FY)
4.4 Ratio of Enterprise Product Structure( Domestic Sale)
4.4.1 Domestic Sale(Current Quarter)
4.4.2 Domestic Sale(Accumulation in FY)
4.5 Ratio of Enterprise Product Structure(Exports)
4.5.1 Exports(Current Quarter)
4.5.2 Exports(Accumulation in FY)
V Drum Washing Machine Motor Supply
5.1 Domestic Sale of Drum Washing Machine Montor Industry
5.2 Key Motor Enterprises Supply Flow
5.2.1 Weiling
5.2.2 Opera
5.2.3 Zhangqiu Haier
5.2.4 Sanjiang
5.2.5 Emerson
5.2.6 GE
5.2.7 Shibaura
5.3 Main Drum Wahing Machine Enterprise Purchasing Pattern
2.3.1 Haier
5.3.2 Midea
5.3.3 Simense
5.3.4 Hefei Sanyo
5.3.5 Panasonic
5.3.6 Samsung

Report name:Quarterly Research Report on China Drum Washing Machine and Montor Supply




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