Philanthropy Could Help Reduce Cold Chain Emissions   2020/10/12 9:38:56   Source:产业在线ChinaIOL  

UK: A new report discusses how philanthropic intervention could help reduce emissions from the cold chain, while enhancing food security and poverty reduction.

Net zero cold chains for food – A discussion document on the case for philanthropic action is authored by the Carbon Trust with input from a range of leading experts and stakeholders and commissioned by the Kigali Cooling Efficiency Programme (K-CEP). It outlines the challenge of reducing emissions from rapidly growing food cold chains and how philanthropy can help “bend the curve” whilst enhancing food security and poverty reduction through net zero food cold chains.   

The report argues that to avoid locking-in to high carbon, energy inefficient infrastructure, action is needed to develop net zero cold chains that reduce food waste and avoid emissions from high GWP refrigerants and inefficient equipment. It maintains that this will require a system transition with action across many stakeholder groups to create low carbon infrastructure, access to reliable, clean energy, and appropriate operating procedures, as well as supportive policy, regulation, and commercial incentives.