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Solstice N15 chosen for heavy duty air conditioning

USA: Philip Doyle Manufacturing, a Canadian-based producer of severe duty air co...

air  conditioning  

Heat pump company fined for bogus refrigerant top-ups

NEW ZEALAND: A servicing company has been fined NZ$75,000 (US$50,000) for falsel...

heat  pump  

Semiconductor Industry Structure Changes Dramatically NVIDIA Acquires ARM

It was reported on September 14 that NVIDIA officially confirmed that it had rea...


Sales Volume of 3HP Light Commercial Air Conditioner Compressor Increased 1.7% in July 2020

ChinaIOL: In July, sales volume of 3HP light commercial air conditioner compress...

Light  Commercial  Air  Conditioner  Compressor  

Sales Volume of Air Conditioner Motor Decreased 5.1% Y-Y in RY2020

ChinaIOL: in refrigerating year 2020(from August 2019 to July 2020), sales volum...

Air  conditioner  motor  

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