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Russia-Ukraine conflict to further worsen chip shortage: Report

The Russian-Ukraine war can hit the global supply chains that are already constr...


Commercial Gas Storage Water Heater Shipments Decreased 20.6 % in January 2022

Commercial gas storage water heater shipments decreased 20.6 percent in January ...

Commercial  Gas  Storage  Water  Heater  

U.S. Shipments of Residential Gas Storage Water Heaters Decreased 10.7% in for January 2022

U.S. shipments of residential gas storage water heaters for January 2022 decreas...

Gas  Storage  Water  Heaters  

Production of RAC in China Decreased 2.46% Y-Y in December 2021

ChinaIOL: In December 2021, production of RAC in China was 12531 thousand units,...


US. Shipment of ​Commercial Gas Storage Water Heater increased 11.0% in November 2021

US.shipments of commercial gas storage water heater increased 11.0 percent in No...

water  heater  

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